Understanding how orthodontists realign teeth to improve your smile

In addition to important oral health procedures that you may need from time to time, more people are also looking to equip themselves with a better smile. While tooth extractions, whitening and implants all contribute towards improving the appearance of the teeth, teeth also need to be realigned to ensure that they are in the right position within the mouth.

Orthodontists have come up with unique and effective methods of ensuring that the teeth are slowly adjusted to their proper position without causing any pain and discomfort. One of those methods is by using dental aligners.

How dental aligners work

Dental aligners are essentially pieces of plastic that are worn as dentures on top of your existing teeth. These aligners are designed to slowly shift your teeth to the correct position that will enhance your smile. Orthodontists design aligners via 3D printing technology to the exact specifications of your teeth. In this way, you can enjoy quick and effective results with minimal discomfort.

The process starts with a consultation with your doctor to determine the current state of your teeth. In most cases, you need to start off with a healthy set of teeth before they can be realigned for a bright smile. If you have current dental health complications such as bleeding gums, cavities, or decaying teeth, these may need to be treated first before you can be fitted with aligners. Indeed, fitting aligners over unhealthy teeth can result in further oral health complications.

Once the teeth are confirmed to be healthy, a digital scan of your teeth and mouth will be taken. This step is necessary to map out an accurate treatment plan for your teeth, and how they will be realigned with maximum efficiency.

The preparation process for aligners is perhaps the most important step. For the treatment process to work, aligners have to be comfortable to wear, yet effective at adjusting the teeth. They also need to cause minimal irritation to the gums after being equipped. Some of the top aligners in the market, such as Invisalign, are designed using smart tracking material that adheres perfectly to the teeth without causing irritation. In addition, the edges of the aligners are customised to blend with the gums without cutting or inflaming them.

How effective are dental aligners?

Due to the cutting edge technology used to design dental aligners, you can enjoy effective results and a bright smile in only a few months. During the treatment stage, you won't experience and discomfort or appearance issues because the aligners are designed to be clear and invisible. For many people, their road to a bright smile begins with dental aligners.

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