The Benefits of Remedial Massage During Your Pregnancy

Childbirth is pretty darn remarkable when you think about it. That swelling in your belly will grow and grow, until the day some nine months later when your very own little human emerges to say hello. Although of course, to carry that little human inside you can be stressful on your body in a number of different ways. There are many methods to minimise this stress, and you have probably discussed these with your doctor or healthcare professional. Some methods might be more concerned with your diet, or it might be an exercise program that is moderated with each subsequent trimester. Remedial massage can also be beneficial for pregnant women, reducing the overall physical stress on your body. But how can it help?

A Changing Variety of Fruit

The logistics of pregnancy can be stressful on your body, and while it can be different for everyone, there's no way to avoid it entirely. There is some logic to this. The expansion of your uterus can be compared to a grapefruit, then a papaya, and then a watermelon, during the first, second, and third trimesters respectively. This increase in size and weight creates pressure on your body. Prenatal remedial massage can help to minimise potential discomfort resulting from this pressure.

Improvements to Your Circulation

Specialist prenatal massage is designed to increase your blood circulation and the circulation within your lymphatic system. This circulation could be partially impeded by your pregnancy, and the manual assistance provided by prenatal remedial massage can help to restore this function to its optimum level.

Edema and Your Joints

Your joints will receive particular attention. The swelling of joints during pregnancy is a form of edema, and this can cause discomfort or even mobility issues. You don't want to have to go through your pregnancy with aching joints. Direct massaging of your joints can reduce this edema, and the improvement to your circulatory and lymphatic systems can also help to offset any edema.

The Wellbeing of Your Baby

You needn't be concerned about your baby during any type of specialist remedial massage during your pregnancy. Your stomach is untouched, and the massage is designed to be administered while you lay on your back or your side.

Prenatal remedial massage can also have a positive effect on your psyche, simply because the process can be so relaxing. Speak to your doctor or healthcare professional if you think you would like to begin a course of massage during your pregnancy.