How Can a Compounding Pharmacy Help Your Senior Loved One?

As people grow old, they become susceptible to lifestyle diseases and chronic illnesses. As a result, they are forced to take some form of medication every day, whether it's for pain relief, diabetes or hypertension, or even to supplement nutrients in the body. When your loved one has to be exposed to various types of drugs at this age, you may be concerned about whether they will remember to take the medication faithfully. What's more, some drugs can react with their bodies and cause more harm than good. That's why you need to consider compounding as an easier way to ensure that they get the medication they need.

Below are some of the reasons why compounding is a suitable option for your senior loved ones who are on medication.

Customized medicine

Drugs are usually manufactured in general dosages and strengths, and as individuals grow older, what worked for them a few years ago may no longer be effective. For example, a certain dosage of pain medication may not be effective to provide adequate relief to the muscles. Through compounding, pharmacists can tailor medication to the exact dosage and potency that meets the needs of your loved one. This way, you don't have to worry about them not getting the expected relief from the drugs. Compounding can be carried out on most drugs, so all you have to do is visit a certified pharmacy and explore the available options.

Easy-to-use medication

No one loves taking medication, especially if you have to pop bitter pills in your mouth every day. When it comes to seniors, taking pills can be a struggle, and they may even forget to take them. Compounding provides medication that is convenient and easy to use for the elderly. For example, instead of pills, some medication can be manufactured into a topical cream for your loved one to use on the skin. The drug is absorbed into the bloodstream and delivers the same results as a pill. Creams are easy to use, and your loved one will find them more welcoming when compared to pills.

Curb drug allergies

Does your loved one need a certain medication but is allergic to one of its ingredients? If so, they may be forced to switch to a different drug that does not offer the same benefits. However, with compounding, drugs can be tailor-made to eliminate ingredients that produce allergic reactions. The pharmacist will replace those ingredients with equally potent ones that do not trigger a reaction. This way, your loved one can enjoy the benefits of medication without enduring allergies.

Contact a pharmacy that offers compounding services and explore the available options that will make medication easier to use for your senior loved one.