Top Signs of Depression to Look Out For in Your Loved Ones

Most people who know someone who committed suicide say that there were signs of depression, but they didn't think the condition was that serious. This is a notion that has gone on for far too many years, and people still don't take depression seriously until they lose someone. To avoid such horrifying circumstances from happening to you or your family members, here are some acute symptoms of severe depression that you should look out for. Understanding them can help you seek medical assistance for the individual before it's too late.


In the psychiatry world, anger is not an emotion but a way to express another emotion. This couldn't be truer for depressed people who feel abandoned, alone and self-loathing, so they express their feelings through anger. If you notice someone close to you has been irritable, rude and angry for quite a while, you should try to get them help because it's a sign of depression or something more significant.

Loss of Interest in Activities

For most people, hanging out with friends, going out, and working are the things that make them feel alive. For depressed people, however, these activities are annoying and exhausting, and they would rather hide out in their rooms or watch horror movies. Someone who was a social butterfly can completely disconnect from people and become a loner. They can stop hanging out with friends and attending social functions or even work because they don't want to get out of the house or socialize with other people. Self-pity and feeling lonely are significant feelings associated with depression.

Sleep Disorders

For some people, depression can cause insomnia. People who suffer from insomnia will be exhausted and slow the following day, and you will notice lack of concentration, fatigue and red eyes. For others, the opposite happens, and they sleep most of the day.

Appetite Changes

Many depressed people lose their appetite, and they want nothing to do with being healthy. Loss of appetite and hypersomnia go hand in hand because the person never wants to get out of their room to eat, shower or see people. However, other people struggle with overeating or extreme cravings. Look out for radical appetite changes as well as weight loss or weight gain.

Dark Talk

Most people who want to commit suicide usually talk about it before doing the action. If you are paying enough attention to someone, you will notice questions about suicide or dying, comments about how life will be without them and such things. Many suicide cases can be prevented if only someone listens to the depressed person and takes action.

Depression is a serious disease, and you can't snap your fingers and wish it away. If you notice any of these signs in someone you know, talk to them about seeing a specialist. Psychologists can help either through therapy or other treatment options.