Four Central Health Tips After Kidney Cancer Treatment

There are multiple treatment options for kidney cancer, including surgery, radiation and pharmaceuticals. The optimal method for your treatment will depend on factors like the severity of the condition, your health status and the risk factors. Regardless of the process used by your specialist, it is important for you to make healthier choices during and after the treatment. Healthier decisions will improve your well-being and boost your intrinsic immunity. Here are some core care tips after kidney cancer treatment.

Choose Healthier Food

One of the best decisions that you should make after your treatment is to eat healthier food. Usually, there is no need for a special diet unless the doctor provides instructions. You only need to eat more fruits and vegetables, opt for whole-grain foods and choose more lean proteins. Ensure that your diet has a variety of foods to maximise your nutrient intake and improve your health. Some patients experience a lack of appetite or change in taste. If this is your case, you should consult a nutritionist or a dietitian for guidance.

Protect Your Kidney

If your treatment process for the kidney cancer involved the removal of one of your kidneys, you must protect the other. This is of particular importance if the remaining kidney is not in the best condition possible. Protecting your kidney means not putting the organ under unnecessary strain and stress. For instance, a high-protein diet can strain the kidney because of the removal of urea and other associated waste products. Therefore, it is advisable to consume fewer proteins. You might also want to limit your intake of liquids, salt and phosphorus.

Consider Exercise

Your body might feel weak and drained of energy after your treatment. However, you cannot afford to give in to the fatigue during this period. You need to keep yourself active so that you can boost your energy levels. Regular exercise will improve your physical well-being and strengthen your body. In addition, there are mental benefits attached to working out. These include reducing stress, lowering anxiety and managing depression. For the best results, consult a physical therapist before beginning a workout routine.

Consult Your Doctor

Finally, you must remember to attend the appointments set up by your physician. The follow-up is crucial for ensuring that your good health continues. It is advisable to record any side effects that you might encounter due to the treatment and discuss the issues with your doctor. Also, watch out for any symptoms which might indicate recurrence of the cancer.