A Guide to Aged Care Services

Aged care services include government-funded and privately funded services. These services can include help at home, short-term care, care in an aged care home, or care in private accommodations.

Types of services

Aged care services can include home help, short-term help, or care in an aged care home. Help at home can include assistance with personal care, transport, physiotherapy, cooking, cleaning, gardening, and social activities. It can also include adding features to your home such as ramps and handrails or providing equipment such as a walking frame.

Short-term help can be used when your health has had a temporary decline, when you are recovering from an illness or accident, or when your career requires a break. Aged care homes provide help with daily tasks and healthcare. This option can be used if you require access to support throughout the day.

Government-funded services

Government funded services include home help, short-term help and aged care homes. You may be eligible for government-funded services. You will be required to have an assessment of your care needs to check if you are eligible. If you are eligible, your services may be fully or partly funded and regulated by the government. If you are declared as ineligible or if you are on a waiting list, you can use privately funded services.

Cost of government-funded services

If you can afford to, there is an expectation that you pay for some of your aged care. There are no standard costs for aged care. They vary depending on the type of care offered and the service provider. The cost of care may depend on the type of service that you use, the number of services used, the fees of the service provider, and your finances. If you are going to be assessed for help at home or in an aged care home, you should organise a financial assessment as soon as possible. This will assist service providers in providing you with a cost. It will also help with setting up your care service.

Privately funded services

Privately funded services include help at home and accommodations through methods such as independent living units or retirement villages. These services can provide care to those who require a lower level of care than that offered by aged care homes. However, unlike government-funded services, private care services are not regulated by the central government. They are instead regulated by local government. 

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