Are you a GP seeking market information about your field?

A general practitioner is a type of doctor who does not specialize in any particular field of practice. A GP will, therefore, be engaged in routine health care involving physical examinations, assessment of illnesses as well as offering treatment, and referral of patients. When you are working as a GP, you should expect to provide an ongoing doctor-patient relationship with your patients. It is rare for a GP to have only one contact with a patient; most of them will have long-term patients. When you are a GP, you will be the first call a patient will make when they are ill. If you are interested in working as a general practitioner, below is valuable information on the job market for a general practitioner.

Are there jobs in the industry?

The industry of general practice is a growing industry, with an average growth of about 2.2% annually. This means that indeed, there are many employment opportunities given the ever-increasing needs of the population. There are some certain regions in the country where general practitioners are inadequate in that they cannot meet the needs of the community. Such areas need as many GPs as they can get.

Who employs a GP?

As a GP, you may opt to seek employment by the government, venture into private practice, or seek employment from those who have already ventured into private practice. The reality, however, is that most GP will prefer the second and third option. That explains why most of them are stationed in private clinics as opposed to government hospitals. However, if you have just completed your training, venturing into private practice immediately may not be such a good idea. You need to have in-depth experience first, before starting a private practice. You also need to familiarize yourself with the needs of the people you intend to serve as well as any competition.

How much do General Practitioners earn?

The average salary in any area of employment will inform you whether the field is lucrative or not. On average, a GP will earn from AU$100,000. This figure could go all the way up to about AU$500,000 for non-senior practitioners. Most GPs will make more if they work overtime. The median salary income for a GP, therefore, will range from AU$200,000 to AU$400,000. Regardless of this, the salary will vary depending on the circumstances. A junior GP will definitely earn less; hence you should strive to be a senior. If you run your private practice, you will make a lot more than the quoted income above. Similarly, GPs who are employed by private practice healthcare centers will earn more than those employed by the government will.

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