Why Choose Rechargeable Hearing Aids?

When you are choosing hearing aids, there are two options: hearing aids that use disposable batteries or rechargeable hearing aids. While both types of hearing aids have their pros and cons, many people are recognising the advantages of rechargeable hearing aids. Here are a few reasons to choose rechargeable hearing aids.

1. Reduce Costs

Rechargeable hearing aids can work out to be much less expensive over the course of their lifespan, even though their upfront cost can be higher. Hearing aids that require regular batteries require you to keep buying batteries for many years, which can add up to a very large overall cost.

2. Protect the Environment

Batteries contain rare metals that are a limited and non-renewable resource. The environmental effect of mining these metals is significant. There are also environmental issues associated with the disposal of batteries at the end of their life. The acids inside batteries can be very harmful to both health and the environment if they leak out, which means that batteries must be disposed of at special disposal sites, rather than being sent to landfills. Unlike disposable batteries, rechargeable batteries are used again and again for a long time, reducing these issues.

3. Develop a Charging Routine

Many people worry that they might forget to charge their hearing aids, but once you are in a routine of charging them every night, it is actually very easy. On the other hand, people who use disposable batteries are often caught out by the batteries running out at a time when they have forgotten to buy more.

4. Avoid Fiddly Changeovers

As you get older, you might find it difficult to remove disposable batteries from a hearing aid and replace them with new ones. Arthritis in the fingers can make it difficult to handle such tiny items. Rechargeable hearing aids are a single unit, so there is no need to struggle.

5. Be Comfortable

Hearing aids that use standard types of batteries are limited in their design, as they must accommodate the battery's shape and size. On the other hand, chargeable hearing aids can be any shape as the designer can design the battery to fit into the hearing aid, rather than designing the hearing aid around the battery. Therefore, rechargeable hearing aids are more comfortable than hearing aids that use disposable batteries, which makes them easier to wear every day, allowing you to hear fully in all situations.