Insights for Incorporating Yoga Classes in a Chiropractic Practice

Recent studies show that low back pain has become the leading cause of disability globally. Notably, around 540 million people are affected by low back pain around the world. If these statistics are anything to go by, then you must see so many patients in one day as a practising chiropractor. Nonetheless, why not use this opportunity to incorporate yoga classes in your practice? The classes will offer your patients an alternative treatment and management to back pain, and this will have a positive impact on your practice's performance. That said, incorporating a successful yoga class to your chiropractic practice is not a walk in the park. However, by following the tips in this article, you will soon have a fully functional and successful yoga studio.  

Avoid Mirrors in Your Yoga Room

Although there are many mirrored yoga studios, most experts believe that mirrors have a negative psychological impact on yoga clients. Although the mirrors are meant to help clients observe their posture and develop awareness, most people avoid them for fear of comparison. For instance, a client attending a class for the first time is likely to spend the entire session comparing themselves to other clients who have perfected their postures. In light of this, it is essential that you do not install mirrors in the yoga studio. It will allow you to attract clients of varying capabilities, thereby improving your practice's brand. 

Pick a Yoga Type

Most musculoskeletal physicians do not know that there are different types of yoga classes. For example, some yoga classes are predominantly based on breathing techniques and working on the body's energy spots while other types are designed to help customers to lose weight. Since your chiropractic practice helps patients with back pain problems, you should pick a variety of yoga that focuses on very slow movements and posture, such as Iyengar yoga classes. If you choose a yoga style that is all about releasing energy, then your clients will not see the benefits and might quit.

Be Part of the Yoga Class 

It is one thing to open a yoga studio in your chiropractic facility and another to be part of the yoga classes every day. There is nothing that your patients would love more than seeing you take part in yoga classes. Once you have the studio in place, ensure that you are part of the first yoga class. Not only is it excellent for your health, but it also conveys the message that you practice what you preach. Moreover, the classes will offer you an opportunity to interact freely with your patients, thereby improving your relationships.